The Saar river, the cool sister of the Moselle

Steep southern vineyards, coarse shale soil, perfect climatic conditions – the ideal place to grow our wine.


To us quality is a matter of tradition

The von Othegraven winery has been in existence since the 16th century. THE WHOLE OF THE ESTATE MANOR HOUSE, THE PARK AND THE KANZEMER ALTENBERG TERROIR IS A PROTECTED HERITAGE SITE. Our company is one of the founding members of the German Association of Quality Wineries (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter/VDP).


Which, apart from the sun, are only reached by workers with mountaineering experience.

WHAT DO THE MATTERHORN AND THE KANZEMER ALTENBERG HAVE IN COMMON? Both peaks can only be reached via an incline of 65%, with the difference that the Kanzemer Altenberg is a vineyard with a dizzyingly steep southern slope where each individual vine needs to be worked on by hand. The core of our winery is one of the steepest and – with a length of 250m – also one of the longest vineyards in the world. Orientation, shale soil and micro-climate make the Kanzemer Altenberg one of the outstanding top terroirs. Ockfener Bockstein and Wiltinger Kupp add further terroir facets.


We have the necessary maturity

Many times per year, the experienced hands of the von Othegraven team see to each single vine: removing leaves, spreading out, halving and sorting. Each small process increases the quality of the berries. We allow our grapes to ripen for a particularly long time and our harvest can go on well into the month of November. During the manual harvest, the grapes are sorted very carefully based on the degree of ripeness. WITH EXTENSIVE EXPERTISE, ACCURATE MANUAL WORK AND THE COURAGE TO ACCEPT REDUCTION WE ENSURE CONSISTENTLY HIGH QUALITY.


The grape decides what it wants to be.
Andreas Barth – cellar master

As soon as it is moved into the cellars, we leave the must to its own devices and wait for its natural yeasts to do their work. WE RESPECT WHAT NATURE PROVIDES, WE ACCOMPANY THE WINES WHILE THEY EVOLVE AND GIVE THEM THE SPACE TO DEVELOP THEIR VERY OWN CHARACTER.


One hundred percent Riesling

The Riesling is a master of versatility. Virtually unlike any other grape variety it adopts the facets of its terroir – the best condition for top wines. Being given its own space in the cellar is the basis for a high ripening potential. Bottle ripening is the last phase of the wine making process; this is where the wine develops its unique personality.
‘… a new dimension of dry wine from the Saar river!’
– Stuart Pigott –


Passing the maturity test

Exact manual work in the vineyards, a certain sensitive flair in the cellar – this is what our experienced and committed staff stands for. Our team of experts around managing director Andreas Barth and estate manager Swen Klinger have the necessary expertise, the patience and the dedication to produce unique wines from our special vineyards.


Passing the maturity test

In 2010, Günther Jauch and his wife Thea took over the running of the von Othegraven winery from Dr. Heidi Kegel. It has been a family-run business since 1805. The maiden name of Günther Jauch‘s grandmother was von Othegraven. Her brother Maximilian received the estate in 1925 from his ancestor Grach-Weissebach. As a child, Günther Jauch often visited his uncle Max and aunt Maria in Kanzem. He and his wife are now running the winery as the 7th generation.